It’s one of those ‘perfect’ days in Sydney today. Clear skies, warm weather and a pleasant breeze. A perfect day for some meditation and stitching. A strange combination? Perhaps not.

I went along to a workshop this afternoon run by Dr Clara Vuletich at the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas.  Inspired by the Kundalini Yoga practice, the workshop delved into the connection between meditation and hand-stitching.

Clara says. “I have enjoyed seeing the links and parallels between yogic philosophy and ideas around sustainability: the importance of thinking in wholes, understanding each context or individual has their own unique values and needs, and the value in keeping in balance between elements.

We started with a meditation and spent about 45 minutes stitching patches of fabric together. I didn’t create a masterpiece, but it was the perfect way to relax into the end of the weekend. And while I don’t think I’ll become a quilter anytime soon – skill  I think I’ll leave to my mother-in-law – I certainly won’t shy away from the odd button sew on, or even cutting up an old garment and stitching something else together for fun. It reminded me of mindful colouring in!

Posted by:Bethany Noble

Bethany is a Sydney-based writer and social entrepreneur. She has been curating an ethical wardrobe for 7 years and loves sharing her journey with people.

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