I lay swinging; my body weightless and my gaze gently resting on the white ceiling and the long black pipe above me, appearing and disappearing as the white hammock swayed.

Outside the humid Sydney evening was winding down as the evening storm rolled in. A chime danced softly against the breeze, and beyond I could hear the murmur of the traffic, four stories below winding through the streets of Surry Hills. Our yoga instructor walked around the room, talking us through our meditation. She sprayed a scent that took me straight to the fields of Bali. With my eyes now closed, hanging suspended for a few final moments I felt something I rarely feel in Sydney; I was content.

Content means to be in a state of peaceful happiness.

What could actually be better?

Often on holidays or travelling the world, I breathe a sigh as I sip a cold cocktail and comment, I’m so content.

As I drifted through my meditation, I couldn’t stop from thinking what a shame I have to wait till I’m on holidays to feel this state of contentment.

Source: @skylab_skywalker

Finding Contentment in the Every Day

A few hours before class that afternoon, I had been working in the library. Surrounded by books and plants (my library is beautifully curated with new books and hanging greenery – it’s my oasis), I decided that this year I would start by tidying, and who better than the expert herself, Marie Kondo. I had heard about her tidying method from a colleague and subsequently come across her ideas on other blogs. I borrowed her book (apparently a true achievement at the library, it’s always on loan!) and took it home to tidy up once and for all.
I left it beside my bed, skipped out to yoga and returned to an evening all to myself, and decided to indulge with a little Netflix. I watched Minimalism, the documentary that has all my not-so-minimal friends talking. If you haven’t seen the documentary it’s worth a watch. For me, the main theme that came out was that people found more joy, happiness and, yes, contentment when they had less ‘stuff’ in their lives. There were some extreme examples, like living in a tiny house with barely anything, and more practical stories, like wearing 33 items for 3 months.
But the message to me was received loud and clear. If I wanted to experience contentment, I need to make room for it in my life. Seek less ‘stuff’, stop filling my life with so much ‘doing’ and value experiences and time with people.
I have been ‘meaning to’ start a blog about ethical fashion and sustainable for a few years now. And so with this theme of 2017 guiding me, I thought I would start sharing my journey. I write not to boast about what I’m doing or anything like that. I genuinely want to share my journey, write for pleasure again, and hopefully, help a few interested readers who are also on a similar journey of finding contentment in their busy daily lives.
So join me as I learn to live more intentionally with less stuff and more meaning.


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Bethany is a Sydney-based writer and social entrepreneur. She has been curating an ethical wardrobe for 7 years and loves sharing her journey with people.

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