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We’ve fallen in love with these comfy Fairtrade and colourful jammies, (That’s pyjamas those not fluent in Aussie-English), so we caught up with designer and creator Rachel Pines to hear her story, from the set of some pretty massive films to the dusty factories of India.

What is the #loveislove campaign?

Australia is lagging behind many other countries with gay rights. The LGBTI community and their families need equal rights to lessen the discrimination that is rife because the current laws are underlining that being gay or transgender makes you a lesser person. Marriage equality isn’t just about marriage it’s about our leaders giving the public the message that currently it’s ok to treat the gay community with disdain. Moonbird recently held a photo shoot to support the campaign and the gorgeous photos will be posted on our website over the coming weeks to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the simple hashtag #loveislove.


What was the gap in the market you saw for Moonbird?

I started as a designer and during the process of deciding how and where to produce I realised how terrible the effects on workers and the environment producing our clothing can be, but also that it can be done responsibly. So if it can be done right, it should be.

You had a pretty exciting job before Moonbird, can you tell us about it?

I worked in London and Sydney on many big films such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Mummy. Mostly working in the Creatures Dept where aliens and animals are brought to life. I specialised early on and loved being part of a team that continually broke boundaries in terms of new ideas and materials. This is probably why I’m still doing it now, because in my mind there are no rules!


How do you make your clothes?

We use a couple of Fairtrade facilities in Jaipur and Lucknow in India. I found the first through an organisation called the Ethical Fashion Forum who lists companies that are registered Fairtrade and I went to visit one of them in Jaipur which was a great experience.Moonbird-1753

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Bethany is a Sydney-based writer and social entrepreneur. She has been curating an ethical wardrobe for 7 years and loves sharing her journey with people.

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