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What’s better than staying in bed late on a Saturday morning with a good book and a cup of tea? Doing it in fairtrade pyjamas!

ALAS was started when two friends realised they had a shared passion for sustainable fashion and the resources to pull it off. The Sydney-based sleepwear label was founded in 2011 by Kelly Elkin and Betony Dircks who have been friends since university days.

The designers wanted to brush off the stigma that was related to fair trade fashion. They believed that just because you wanted to maintain your morals and ethics, you shouldn’t have to lose the fun and love of colour! They saw a gap in the market for beautiful pyjamas and went for it. las blue stripey ethical sleepwear

All of ALAS’ sleepwear is made of organic cotton with GOTS certification. They also source from factories that use low-impact dyestuff and avoid formaldehyde and AZO dyes. It’s no wonder then that ALAS get a ‘Great’ score for their environmental impact.

Alas blue ethical sleepwear

ALAS take care of their manufacturing workers too. One of the sourcing factories is SA8000 certified for social accountability and the other factory is a member of the Fair Trade Federation of the USA.

Alas womens stripey ethical pjs

Alas mens ethical sleepwear

Combining robust sustainable practices and cutting edge style is not easy, but we think this brand more than pulls it off.

“When you see some of the farms not using organic practices it’s pretty clear that ecological problems lead to human and social problems, such as poor health and debilitating debt through purchasing pesticides,” explains Kelly. “That’s what I love about working with small producers. You can see how orders are truly helping workers to make a living and improve their lives.”

ALAS are our go-to for any pyjama needs (I personally have a pair that I will confess to wearing a little too much!) because we know we can trust that they truly keep their values at the centre of their work.

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Bethany is a Sydney-based writer and social entrepreneur. She has been curating an ethical wardrobe for 7 years and loves sharing her journey with people.

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