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Emma Watson is fulfilling all of our ethical fashion dreams right now. She’s making headlines as she steps out wearing only ethical and sustainable threads to promote her new film Regression – and we’re loving the mission behind her style.

There is some serious power when celebs throw their Klout behind causes (in a meaningful way of course – adopting kids as an accessory is not cool. No one look at Madonna). As ethical fashion advocates, we couldn’t be happier to see little Hermione all grown up and using her influence on the red carpet.

Emma Watson Ethical Fashion

Watson has teamed up with stylist Sarah Slutsky to curate lust-worthy outfits for her entire press tour for Regression. Everything Watson wears is ethical and sustainable, and Slutsky is posting the outfits on Instagram, tagging the brand and sharing the story of the products. And we’re definitely wishing we had these threads!

But this isn’t the first time Watson has put her ethical and sustainable convictions into practice. In 2010 she joined with UK brand People Tree (who promote fair trade and organic clothing) to release a clothing and home-wares range. Her collection was made by fair trade communities using upcycled materials and organic cotton. Watson even travelled to Bangladesh to meet the makers.

Emma Watson ethical fashion

Watson has also joined the Green Carpet Challenge in an effort to spotlight ethical and sustainable fashion on the red carpet. (Other notable mentions to Colin Firth and Cate Blanchett who have also joined the movement).

It’s happening people! We’re reaching a tipping point where ethical and sustainable fashion will become the norm rather than the unusual. Following the success of the True Cost doco, more and more influencers and designers are considering the stories of their threads. The stigma of hessian sacks and shapeless tees is quickly being replaced with luxury and style.

Remember back in 2006 when Blood Diamond hit our screens? Celebrities refused to wear blood diamonds and opted for conflict-free jewellery instead. Now it’s a major selling point for many jewellers and many couples shopping for an engagement ring know the important questions to ask. The power of the celeb hey?!

Emma Watson ethical fashion

That’s why we’re just so excited that Watson’s putting her ethics on display and showing that you can be fashionable, stylish and conscious all at the same time.

We hope you’re feeling as excited about the future of ethical fashion as we are!

Join the journey and follow Watson’s outfits on Slutsky’s Instagram.

Emma Watson ethical fashion

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